B2B marketing or for its acronym in English “Business to Business”, is a marketing strategy that aims to publicize products or services that you provide as a company to other companies, in order to attract future customers and therefore generate more sales.

What steps do you need to take to generate the best B2B strategy?

Strengthen your brand identity: Who are you? How do you define yourself? You have to have your brand image well worked out so that it helps your clients to recognize you quickly. They are not only buying a product or service, they are buying your brand, the image you project is essential.

Increase your online presence: Achieving an optimal online presence is one of the fundamental points when planning an excellent B2B strategy. Think about the steps to follow when looking for a service, to understand the processes of your consumers. Creating valuable content will allow you to connect with your potential clients and show them the added value of working with you.

Work on e-mail marketing strategies: Currently there are several tools that allow you to send 100% personalized content to your database and select them based on the interaction they have with your content. This will allow you to increase your sales and provide them with the content they need at the right time.

Build a strong database: Having one allows you not only to have contacts but also to create communications that are very targeted and personalized for each of your users, you can obtain it through the use of the blog and the web.

Success cases:

Export Technologies

A company that fuses the use of software with human activities to position brands and manufacturers from Latin America towards the United States. Through their B2B platforms, they have managed to create a network of manufacturing suppliers, helping in the wholesale process abroad, thus allowing manufacturers in the region to make their brands visible and scale.

With the constant advancement of the digital world on a global level, B2B marketing has evolved. Now we have various tools and options to address our target audience, we create webinars, we make videos, we generate valuable content, we invest in campaigns via LinkedIn, Google and even Facebook, and many other ways to impact users.

Although we believe that B2B and B2C marketing have been very different for many years, they are becoming more and more similar and focus on the same concept, and that is that we do marketing for people at the end of the day, regardless of whether they are a professional or a final user, we seek to add value.

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