Transforming the image of a brand is certainly a challenge. Changing the logo, colors, shapes and even the name can mean a resounding change of perspective for your clients, but with the right strategy it can be a success and will be very well received. Learn more about rebranding for your company improvement and transformation.

Why Rebranding is a Good Strategy for Your Business?

The main objective of rebranding is to change the perspective of your clients towards your brand due to loss of strength or reputation problems, although it can also be an expansion of the business or market niche. Some great examples are: Apple and Pepsi.

Apple case: In 2007, the brand changed from “Apple Computer” to “Apple”, which helped to expand its market share. In this way, it would not only sell computers, but also other technological devices such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. They determined their target under the “Think Different” concept and updated their logo to continue transmitting innovation as the main axis of the brand.

Pepsi case: The changes have been significant, changing the logo up to 11 times since 1898. In the beginning, the brand was recognized as Pepsi Cola, and later it was reduced to Pepsi. Currently, it is identified by the isotype or symbol of the brand, which is the circle with the colors red, blue and white.

There are few companies that dare to make a comprehensive change and deconstruct themselves to start over according to the new needs of the world. This supposes the transformation from the values, vision and communication that the company wants to transmit and promote to achieve better results.

Benefits of rebranding

Many times we question, out of fear, how beneficial a rebranding campaign can be. However, here we tell you why it is a great opportunity:
– Expand your market niche and attract new customers/users.
– Convey your value proposition.
– Take a step ahead of your competition.
– Renew the image of your company.

Pulse Case

After 10 years at the hands of MSLA International, we made the decision to transform ourselves. Our values, business model, expectations and identity now walk under Pulse.

Pulse measures the pulse of your brand, performing a comprehensive analysis of the new needs of your customers to create strategies that can beat with them, transforming the way you see digital marketing. We are ready to execute your campaigns in Latin America successfully, backed by our extensive knowledge and experience in the region, from Mexico to Chile.
We are expanding our services to continue covering the needs of our great clients, who have accompanied us in these 10 years of experience, and to open ourselves up to new opportunities:

Performance Digital Marketing
Direct Marketing
Sales Support
Customer Service
Human Resources

For more information about Pulse, click here.

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