What is multi-cloud and how does it affect Latin American companies?

Cloud computing

The adoption of cloud computing accelerated in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, it has already been playing an important role in the transformation of Latin American businesses across all sectors for more than 10 years.

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Many companies have been forced to do business online, bringing with it numerous advantages that the cloud provides over traditional methods of data storage. The Latin American market is accelerating and increasingly demands greater flexibility and scalability to continue adapting to changes and, therefore, continue to grow.

Migrating to the cloud means savings for companies, as it reduces the need to maintain and purchase on-site software and hardware. Many companies are working with a hybrid model of public and private cloud services. But it is known that the private cloud is much more secure if you are looking to store more valuable data; however, now a new trend is emerging in the market, it is the multi-cloud migration, where companies make use of several public or private cloud providers in order to store and process their data in a single network architecture.

Qué es un entorno multicloud?

What are the advantages of multi-cloud?


In the face of a cyber-attack or a power outage, the multi-cloud offers protection to your applications or your company’s important data, providing backups and data recovery that guarantee the optimal performance of your business processes.


Companies can focus on effectively coordinating workloads and innovating workflow processes thanks to automation in the multi-cloud management process, guaranteeing a contribution in increasing business value.

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There is a cloud provider for every task, the enterprise must first determine how the cloud will help solve business objectives. Every provider is different and a multi-cloud strategy provides the flexibility needed to take full advantage of best-of-breed service.

Variety of pricing

Companies can compare between different providers thanks to the increase in multi-cloud offerings, generating competition that ends up benefiting businesses by being able to secure the best-of-breed on a cost-benefit basis.

Flexibility and scalability

Multi-cloud providers work together seamlessly so that companies can invest in any level of space. The multi-cloud provides ample processing and storage space, with the right automation and to scale with ongoing demand.

Por qué crece tanto la estrategia multi cloud en Internet

Challenges of multi-cloud use

While the benefits of a multi-cloud strategy outweigh the disadvantages, careful planning is needed to ensure success. Each company has unique business objectives and requirements that must be taken into account when defining a strategy.

Importance of Cloud Security

Cloud security

Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, can cripple an entire organization, damaging its reputation and generating losses of thousands of dollars. Clouds must therefore be built to be resilient, and all the more so when data is shared with other clouds. This is a task for both the provider and the customer, both of which must follow best practices and security protocols to avoid losses.

Data access.

Keeping track of data is a monumental challenge for Latin American companies, knowing who has access to it and who can modify it across all cloud providers in use. The amount of data that is processed daily by companies is gigantic, so it is vitally important to entrust data management to an experienced provider.


There are difficulties in many companies when managing a single cloud provider, let alone planning and managing a multi-cloud strategy. Typically these issues include misconfiguration in security and privacy settings. One way to avoid and mitigate these human errors is to make use of advanced configuration management tools and engage a service provider that is up to the task.

The future of multi-cloud in the region

Latin America is seeing increasing levels of adoption of cloud computing services and growth rates are expected to continue at 30% per year for the next 3 years. With the growing number of hyperscale providers in the region, multi-cloud strategies will increase exponentially.

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The leaders are the same industries that are spearheading technology adoption in general: retail, telecommunications, financial services and, in fact, any multi-Latina that has to manage operations in multiple countries. As customers increasingly demand not only the best prices and product offerings, but also the best customer experience, companies must react at lightning speed to adapt and offer new services. A multi-cloud strategy, despite its challenges, is the most efficient, fast and effective way to meet the future demands of this digital world.

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