Assist companies expand their brand, products and services into the Latin American market relying on our knowledge and experience.

To be the company that best understands and satisfies the needs of Latin American consumer.

Our History

2011, a year of challenges around the world and in Lima-Peru Luis Rios, founder and CEO of MSLA International created the company that will take the direct marketing in Latin america to another business model. At that time (and even now) the need for providing a complete set of services regarding information for direct marketing campaigns in the whole region was inexistent.

Most of International brands had to rely on a country by country search to carry on campaigns through their own agencies. With this opportunity in mind he discovered the gap in the market and took the chance to create a net of the most reliable and experienced data managers on each country from Mexico to Chile on a trip that took him 1 and a half year to complete. Since that time up today, the set of clients from US and Europe grew up with the same speed than technology did. Now, after 11 years of background, this dream has evolved to create Pulse, a Data driven, Marketing and Sales agency in the region, helping International companies to introduce or leverage their brands in this side of the world with the same quality than the first time.

The Team




There is always a Pulse office close in Latin America.

MEXICO: Mexico City

BRAZIL: Sao Paulo


CHILE: Santiago

PERÚ: Lima

ARGENTINA: Buenos Aires

PANAMA: Ciudad de Panama