Communication and Marketing Strategy

Latin America is an enormous contrast region and is involved in a cultural revolution that offers great challenges for brands.

One of the keys to making an effective entry into Latin America is to use the common elements of the region, but at the time of the message spreading, it will be necessary to incorporate the particularities of each country.

If your company is about to enter Latin America, surely you have heard a lot about tropicalization, which is defined as the adaptation of an idea or campaign according to the place where it will be implemented.

But in the tropicalization, we cannot remain only with the product or service adaptation, but we must also consider all the brand communication efforts (from the slogans), taking into account the culture, the use of the language, the customs and habits of this new audience.

Undertaking the adventure of entering the Latin American market is not simple but neither is it impossible. However, one way to ensure good results is to have an agency that gives you certainty and supports you throughout the process, which not only includes the execution of your communication campaigns but also before (the planning) and after (monitoring).



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