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A leading BPO company with branch in Mexico requested a phone type, line, carrier and user validation in order to use the information for marketing purposes.


We defined 2 steps for attending this request:

For this request, Pulse used the TELCO master file in Mexico containing all carriers and phone numbers.


The client wanted to run a file containing 425,000 records in batch mode and 5,000 to 7,000 records through our API Gateway AWS connection.

a.Batch mode
Our batch processing makes updating a phone lists easy. to run a phone number batch, just uploaded a CSV file into our SFTP box and we did the work and emailed the file back!
PULSE´s phone number verification goes beyond checking the length of the number; it allows to identify the type (land line or mobile) of a phone number and the carrier.

b.Real time API
Verifying phone numbers has never been easier thanks to our real-time validation tool here at Pulse. This helps ensure all phone numbers are valid and that you can confidently contact them without wasting time or disturbing wrong numbers. The Pulse API gives you full power of all our validation checks in real-time, delivering a smooth experience for customers and the client´s staff.

Our API works through Amazon Web Services as building blocks to run sophisticated and scalable applications. Running applications in the AWS Cloud helped us to move faster, operate more securely, and save substantial costs; all while benefitting from the scale and performance of the cloud.

The match rule for this process is based on the following:

(*) the status is based on checking:

  • Number of digits in the phone number (10 for Mexico)
  • LADA codes according to the geographical area
  • Belong to the carrier assigned by the Federal Communication Agency
  • Belong to a phone number listed on out TELCO datasets


Pulse proposed a voice message validation using our Interactive voice response (IVR).
A voice broadcast campaign is designed for projects that require a linear contact service mode which uses multiple outbound lines simultaneously to obtain feedback on telephony status.
An automated system converts and sends a programmable text to voice message to assigned records.
The predictive dialer uses specific record information to address, signify or announce the intended call recipient and delivers a brief message with the premise of a courtesy call (non-solicitous).
Based upon connectivity results, the system provides a status report for each call made.

Output report:

  • Add the connector to the logic of our current API
  • Modify the response frame of our API Valid with the output codes
  • Do a test with the API using live data from the client

Finally the complete process for the end client has the following structure: