For many years, agencies have been adapting new tasks, tools and activities so that clients can find any solution, from the development of a mass media campaign to brand building advice. Believing that an agency is limited to requests is perhaps one of the biggest surprises for new clients, who have a first contact to make their brand relevant. And it is that, with the evolution of technology, the creation of trends and an increasingly digital world, added to the challenges arising from the pandemic, the initial business model has been transformed. For good.

There are several ways to support a client, so the core is maintained but the services are expanded, that’s when we became consulting agencies. An opportunity that opens the doors to the creation of joint strategies, well thought out and supported by data, information that must be treated by experts to take advantage of it for its high level of power.

What do the experts say?

Walter Aregger, Co-founder of Hello (Mexico), argued that the “new role of the agency”, as it always was, is to be able to move as fast or faster than cultural changes, so that brands do not fall behind, so that they do not bore and so that they can connect with people effectively.

However, according to Milena Guillot, CEO of Amén (Uruguay), our business is always to have ideas. Have ideas that accompany these mutations and help brands to be more successful, better perceived, and thereby contribute to our clients’ business.

A different vision, from the emergence of new technologies for monetization, goes hand in hand with Sebastián Arrechedera, founder and CCO of Rainbow Lobster (United States). “Decentralization thanks to blockchain and the NFT boom is empowering content creators and influencers who can now connect one-on-one with their fan base and monetize without the need for Facebook or YouTube, for example. If we add to this the possibility that brands can offer experiences and stories directly to consumers – let’s say, for example, in metaverses such as Decentraland, Sandbox or Cryptovoxels -, a new range of options opens up to build a brand and create stories that connect with people”.

It is important to determine what we need from the agencies. As much as the method and tools stand out, human talent is needed. Have professionals capable of understanding behaviors, people, brands. The tools of the industry are available to everyone and every day they are reinvented and improved even more, but a good scalpel does not make a good surgeon, says Mauricio Barriga, CEO of Ogilvy Colombia and Andina.

In short, adaptability to the new challenges of a digitalized world is essential for every team and the execution of impact strategies. Constant training, use and understanding of data, cutting edge of new trends and technological tools will open more than one door for us to connect with our consumers. Agencies been transformed is synonymous of new projects together, under the same successful communication thread. With Pulse and our new consulting service you can start your path of success in the LatAm region!

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