Innovation and digital transformation in the region is constantly growing, due to the need for virtual resources that existed during the pandemic. Services such as banking, retail and delivery had to find a way to solve the problems of their users through the use of apps and web platforms that were as agile as they were full of relevant information. Improving customer service and the logistics that this entails has been a challenge for companies, especially since in the digital age it is very easy to damage the reputation of a brand with just a comment, a post or a video on Tik Tok.

Cultural Nuances

Being a region of enormous contrasts and cultural nuances, it presents a great challenge for brands looking to do business in Latin America. The first thing we must point out is that the region should not be taken as a homogeneous territory. Nothing would be more wrong.

To captivate the public, then, we have to know him. For the marketing policy in Latin America to be effective, we must focus on the sector we want to conquer.

We see a key difference between the countries of the region in the language and the “isms”: while most of the communication takes place in Spanish; in Brazil, communication must be adapted to Portuguese, the natural language of the place. In addition, in some countries there are words that do not necessarily mean the same in all. For example, the word popcorn (in English) is translated in Mexico as palomitas, in Argentina as pochoclos, cabritas in Chile and canchita in Peru. Let’s think about communication from the correct understanding of the message in each country.

To do business in South America, segmenting the markets is decisive. If we focus the strategy towards defined niches, we will be able to offer better solutions to our clients. For this reason, it is usually effective for content marketing in Latin America to include elements specific to the country or region to be addressed.

Emotional marketing

Latin American brands seek to create experiences that stick in the minds and hearts of their customers. It is not enough to attract but to fall in love, to generate a positive impact on the consumer’s life that goes beyond immediate satisfaction.

Awakening emotions to influence purchasing decisions and forming affective ties is possible by creating strategies, inspiring and creating community. The best reward for your business is to retain and convert your consumers into brandlovers.

Social Listening

Social media monitoring is vital to know what your consumers think and feel about your brand and the service you provide them. To do this, tools such as social listening are of the utmost importance, since with it you can read and categorize user sentiment, anticipate crises and create better strategies, based on current trends and news with which your brand can match, achieving better engagement and relevance.

In the digital age, it is extremely important to have strategies that are 100% adapted to the client and to constant changes, with which we can work without forgetting our objectives and principles as a brand. At Pulse we are ready to help you grow in Latin America through the use of digital marketing performance strategies.

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