Two years of the pandemic caused an imminent renewal in the digital world as it was known, therefore, our way of operating as a society also changed and was reflected in the way of working, bringing remote work with it, alternating between days the office assistance.

The human bond is of the utmost importance to maintain tranquility and well-being in a work team; It is the responsibility of the human resources area to take action to adapt to this new way of operating.

Caring for Social Capital

During this time of hybrid work, maintaining the care of social capital becomes the real challenge for any company. No matter how face-to-face it becomes a work experience, the human being is a social being by nature, therefore building relationships of trust and mutual reciprocity is of vital importance for the correct development of the organization’s activities.

The physical exchange cannot be replaced by the virtual one, from having a coffee in a moment of rest to exchanging words in the elevator. Despite achieving even more effective communication, much naturalness is virtually lost from day to day, which ends up being what makes us human beings.

Home as an office

While it is true that working at home brings greater productivity due to the absence of distractions and downtime caused by transportation itself, the office becomes the center of collaboration where innovation and brainstorming take part due to to the exchange of ideas in real time; For this reason, the new office spaces must foster interpersonal relationships between team members, leaving aside routine activities that can be carried out from home without any problem.

Good work environment and innovation

Significant relationships between colleagues directly affect creativity and to a large extent the ability to learn. It increases productivity, therefore, the efficiency in the fulfillment of tasks, a creative atmosphere is created that opens the doors to innovation.

A survey by Workplace Intelligence indicates that nearly three-quarters of employees (72%) say it’s important to be able to socialize with colleagues during, and even after, the workday.

Pulse Challenge

In order to be able to effectively manage the new reality we are facing, affirming that hybrid work is here to stay and join our lifestyle, Pulse takes on the challenge of providing security to your employees, your social capital. Hire our new Human Resources service and take your team’s organizational culture to the next level.

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