Importance of attention and service to the new customer of the digital world

The giant steps with which the digital world is advancing, added to the behavioral changes that customers have, from searching for information about products and services on the market to comparing them with the wide variety of brands to find the best benefit, causes any element of differentiation can be an opportunity to stand out from the rest.

To stand out in a world in which the competition is just a click away, advertising on search engines is simple and cheap, where dozens of companies offer the same products and services, making it necessary that customer service and attention be key pieces for the prosperity of a business in the digital world.

What can you do to improve your customer service experience?

  1. Know your clientele:

According to HubSpot, 47.17% of consumers are “moderately satisfied” with the customer service they receive from companies in their country.
Knowing your clientele will make it easier for you to communicate with them, what methods and channels to use. It will allow you to plan the strategies to capture them, knowing what their needs and requirements are, what they are looking for when purchasing your products and how to satisfy them.
The purpose is to make the right decisions to encourage your customers to buy from you, achieve loyalty to predict what they will look for in the future.

  1. Adapt customer service according to the digital environment:

50% of customers use company contact channels when they have a bad experience.
Find out the means by which your customers make contact with companies and make sure you are present, appearing at the right time and place is vital to captivate them.

  1. Provide exclusive attention:

Customers above all value resolution capacity (42.33%), agility in responses (33.5%) and personalization (31.83%) in customer service

It is important to keep in mind that each client is a different universe, with special needs and requirements, so it is necessary to identify them as soon as possible. Cordiality and pleasant treatment must be present in the conversations in order for them to feel considered. Don’t forget that if you don’t identify your customers’ concerns or problems, in a world where everything is just a click away, it could cause losses for your company.


  1. Offer fast and efficient care:

45.17% of respondents mentioned that companies take one to two days to respond to issues related to their product or service.
Delay in responding to our clients’ emergencies can affect the image and perception of your business, the digital world is fast and requires instant actions, consumers expect a response to their questions and complaints on social networks within a maximum period of 24 hours, as well the ideal is to achieve that expectation.

  1. Pay attention to your online qualifications:

26.83% of customers “frequently” leave comments or reviews on companies’ channels after a bad experience.
Negative recommendations tend to be a final influencer when making a purchase on the internet, the opinions of users are of vital importance these days, we must pay close attention to them.

In the digital age, the image of your company and the trust it can generate in consumers can be affected by the criticism that is around the internet. However, we can help you level up and reach your customer service goals with comprehensive strategies. Pulse introduces the new Customer Service service, which is one of the key points for you to start prospering in the region, because it attends to all the needs of your customers before and after their purchase. In Latin America, where diversity and hospitality are found in every person, having an effective and accessible customer service is key and of vital importance.

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