The technological evolution of the automotive industry in Latin America

The current digital era and its constant evolution has brought more and more needs to be solved in the markets, today we invite you to analyze how technology has driven the development of the automotive industry in Latam.

Over the decades, the automotive industry has been evolving, but it is time to ask ourselves the following question: Have these advances included technology as a basis to meet the needs of customers? We believe that this has not been the case, by technology we are referring to the elements involved in the acquisition and maintenance of a vehicle and not to the technological advances of the vehicles as such, whether they design, GPS, energy sources, etc.

Let’s start by analyzing the changes that this sector has had in the last 30 years at the time of acquiring a car, the internet opened many doors for the improvement of the sector, the ease with which we can see the characteristics of the models, compare them with other brands, to find a nearby car dealership, the contact channels of these, find promotions in our various social networks, etc. Rarely we find applications where we can manage the services that we are responsible for the acquisition of a car of a certain brand.

With this analysis, it seems that the advances have been incredible, considering that it is only 3 decades, but let’s take a moment to break down the changes obtained about the benefit to customers and the desire of the industry to provide assistance to the needs presented by them.

Internet and online information: This is a global consequence brought about by modernization, it is not directly related to the automotive industry, it is mostly a mandatory adaptation for customer contact.

Payment and credit facilities: This is a contribution obtained thanks to the work of the financial industry, oriented towards self-service and the simplification of procedures.

Communication channels and Social Networks: This is again a social advance rather than an automotive one; it is simply integrated into the business channels to serve and reach customers more effectively.

So, is there no technological advance in the automotive sector?

The answer is yes, there are technologies that support this sector internally on a daily basis, such as: programs that help to keep an inventory report, contact platforms with related industries (banks, financial and insurance companies), counting hours per man in the workshop, call centers, ERP’S that manage finances; but… How has this technology impacted the industry and how has it managed to adapt to the market and offer a better service?

It is correct to say that the automotive customer has the same 3 needs as 30 years ago:

  1. Relevant information unique to each customer (Car characteristics and car performance).
  2. Perfect understanding of all the costs involved in owning a car (services, warranties, permits, problems, spare parts).
  3. Speed in repair services and confidence in the security systems for the diagnosis of failures.

That said, where do we see industry investment to address these needs?

Automakers have spent most of their resources telling us about promotions, functionalities and innovations, however, there are still no facts that indicate that the industry has implemented technology in order to meet the above mentioned needs in their entirety.

Latin America is no exception, we took the task of looking for agencies that provide sustainable technological solutions that allow you to purchase a vehicle remotely, or one that takes the cars to your home or office to see them and test drive them, or even one that offers guarantees to change the vehicle if the one you purchased does not meet what you want; all this without any success.

At Pulse we aim to support companies by providing the best technology in the sector, our vast experience providing digital solutions to dozens of American companies can ensure success in your company’s business operations, we adapt to the needs of your consumers and seek to exploit opportunities in your sector, improving the shopping experience, customer service and profitability of after-sales actions in the different markets of your industry, visit us at and find out about the services that we have available for you.

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